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Hiking in Denali National Park, Alaska summer 2017.
Hiking in Denali National Park, Alaska summer 2017.

June, 22, 2018


Welcome to firsthorse.com. I am Jackie Dwelle and although there are no pictures of horses up yet, I am a life-long horse lover. I have worked in the equine industry for most of my career currently teaching classes in the Equine Studies Dept. and coaching he dressage team at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC. My other duties with the university include promoting the equestrian program through social media and maintaining our micro site – sauequestrian.com.

My online duties have led me down an interesting path of discovery into web design, owned media, paid media and graphic design. I now use acronyms such as SEM, CPA, CLV and DSP without having to run to google for a definition! (These stand for search engine marketing, cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value and demand side platform.) I am currently enrolled in a Digital Marketing certificate through Cornell University with hopes of completing their Integrated Marketing 360 certificate by the middle of 2019.

This summer I am also learning to use Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) specifically Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. There are more programs in CC than I have time for in one summer. I have decided to re-purpose the URL firsthorse.com to chat about life lessons and share some of my learning curve, rather than using it to promote my book Your First Horse: How to Buy and Care for Your First Horse. If you are interested in this publication drop me an email I still have a few copies left!